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The Raspberry Pi Video Player


tomxplayer demo on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS

tomxplayer demo on Raspbian Stretch ( 8-16-2017)


  • Video moves with the window.
  • Video disappears when window is minimized (audio still plays).
  • Window stays on top and stays on current work space.
  • Aspect ratio: Letterbox or stretch.
  • Manual overscan offset adjustments.
  • Continuous Playback (build a playlist from directory and loop).
  • Volume controls.
  • On-Screen Display.
  • Fast Forward (10s) / Rewind (10s) / |  Slider for exact position
  • Previous / Next
  • Fullscreen
    • Video controls re-appear on mouse move and re-disappear after 5 seconds of no mouse movement.
  • Keyboard controls
    • Escape = Exit fullscreen
    • F11 = Toggle fullscreen
    • p = Toggle Play /Pause
    • Arrow Up = Volume Up
    • Arrow Down = Volume Down
    • Arrow Right = Fast forward
    • Arrow Left = Rewind
    • Page up = Previous
    • Page down = Next

Change Log

  • 0.8.6-ea94875: Rock Solid
    • Fixed GLESv2 linkage
      • Use static lib (libGLESv2_static.a) in all cases.
    • Fixed up some minor inconsistancies with 'Unfocused Transparency'
  • 0.8.4-3ec4bc7: Beta 2
    • Fix previous button behavior
      • Missed this in the int64_t switch.
    • Fixed stack corruption when not using 'Continuous Playback'
    • Fixed issue where URL's start with audio only.
      • Needed to unhide render window after the url_dialog shows.
  • 0.8.0-1510917: Beta 1
    • Fix rare crash on slider.
      • Don't detach threads you plan to cancel.
    • Prevent controls from disappearing when a dialog is open.
      • Fixes unexpected loss of mouse input focus.
    • Fix issues with playback position > 1:11:35
      • 32/64 bit data type
    • Various changes to provide a consistent experience. No odd or unexpected behavior beyond the limitations of the project.
    • Multiple instances should now work but is not recommend.
    • Playlist flounder detection
      • Stop playback on 3 consecutive errors. (So we don't loop forever erroring).
  • 0.7.2-ea6f805: Initial 'youtube-dl' Integration
    • Filter added to "File Open" dialog.
    • (critical) Fix stack smashing when building omxplayer start args.
      • sprintf->asprintf
    • Fix seek issue when seeking to the very end.
    • Initial 'youtube-dl' integration.
    • Move seek bar up and out.
    • Begin refactoring into instance-able code.
    • Attempt to stabilize osd text display.
    • Restore alpha value after transition to new video.
    • Better detection of omxplayer exit (which does not always exit properly)
    • Lots of consistency changes.
  • 0.5.1-574f01c: Initial Release
  • C# version released in tactical suite. (Depreciated)

Support Development

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 Ubuntu MATE
This project would not have happened without their support.

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