Resurrection Remix for HI6250 Devices

picures above show with full gapps installed.

About Resurrection Remix

Supported Models

  • Tested Working
    • VNS-L21
    • VNS-L22
    • VNS-L23
    • VNS-L31
    • VNS-L53
    • NEM-L21
    • BLN-L21
    • BLN-L22
    • NMO-L31
    • WAS-LX3
    • WAS-LX1A
    • NEM-L51
  • Should Work but not yet confirmed.
    • NEM-L22
    • NMO-L21
    • NMO-L23
    • NEM-UL10
    • NMO-L22
    • PRA-XXX?
  • Not Working
    • NEM-AL60 ( not supported.)
    • NEM-AL10 ( not supported.)

Developer's Notes 

    • Honor 7x (Fixes)
      • Although the Honor 7x does not boot on this ROM it does come close so I added some fixes that I think it will need although I can't test.
      • These are mostly camera fixes.
    • Bluetooth (BLE)
      • There is a pairing issue when enabling BLE so I'm putting in a switch in 'Extra' to "Disable BLE in Bluetooth'. Use this setting for pairing and once pairing is complete you can turn it off and BLE should* work?
    • Vulkan support for all
      • Use p10 lite libs.
      • Tested on p9 lite and works!
    • Update RR Source.
    • kernel
      • Huawei has a bad habbit of logging to the data partition directly from the kernel. Shame on you Huawei. Everyone knows your not supposed to dip down into userspace from the kernel. I have nullified as much as I can.
      • mali_ondemand : Increase the max frequency for gpu animation boost. This is correlates to libpower, which attempts to set boost frequencys higher than the previous maximum.
    • WARSAW
      • Include libs hardware activity recognition
        • prague too?
      • Fix Vulkan Support
        • Tested on 3DMark
        • Does not seem to perform well?
    • BLL Support?
      • BLL-LXX? Seems to be the GR5? If their actual model starts with BLL instead of BLN but their camera will work with BLN's camera blobs then it will be fixed. If not oh well. I hate guesswork!
    • Patch for inputchannel crash/soft-reboot
      • I never had this problem but based on logs.
      • I think this is caused by dirty flashing but...
    • Change configs for VOLTE (Do not know if this will help).
      • Don't statically specify a RAT
      • Add config for VOLTE on provision.
      • Can't test. Let me know.
    • libpower
      • Fix bug which always made performance the effective power profile
        • If you like it before just select performance.
      • Fix old bug causing ui lag since mm. Smooth like butter now.
    • Bluetooth : possibly fix BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
      • Can't test, no BLE devices. Let me know.
      • Fix odd camera preview fps formatted string with extraneous beginning comma.
        • This could be a typo from Huawei or an intermediary may be trimming off some preview framerates and somehow missing the extraneous comma?
        • Fixes the built in "Snap" camera.
      • Fix model prop property path when model has "X" in it.
        • Huawei has started a convention of using X in the model names. For the P9 Lite, model names were a 1:1 relationship with names like VNS-L21. Now model names have an "X" like WAS-LX3 which could mean the translated model name is really WAS-L03, WAS-L13, WAS-L23 and so on. For now, I'm using the first one that has a product path that exists.
    • WARSAW
      • Change camera video encoder profiles to use 25fps
        • Fixes Video recording on the rear cam.
      • NOTE: PRAGUE may also need this change but since I don't have PRAGUE I'll have to wait for them to tell me.
    • NEMO
      • Fix 2/3 pole headphones.
        • This is the same fix I used in my EMUI 4.X ROMs
        • Not tested so let me know if it works.
    • Fix small issue with reading modem_id.
      • Some times the reading of my modem_id produces an id that ends in 04 and when I check it, mine ends in 00. I tried to put in some manual translations but now I believe that this 04 was cause because the buffer for holding the modemid was not initialized empty. I have removed my translations and now my modem_id ends in 00 everytime like it should.
      • Sorry about the sim/ril issues last build. This should fix it up.
    • Update RR source.
    • Support for WARSAW / P10Lite
      • P10L Shipped with EMUI 5.1 and it does have some minor differences
    • Fix up permissions for libpower
      • libpower needs some paths to be owned by system.
      • These were overlooked when migrating to EMUI 5.x base.
      • Should* fix up laggy ui issues.
    • Implement 'single sim' fix by @tw1st3d83
      • Now if you switch to single sim in 'Extra' the other props that are used in his fix are applied after a reboot.
    • USB Host switch automation.
      • This is more like regular OTG. Just plugin whatever and works.
      • Remove "USB HOST" Switch in CodinalteParts
    • Fix issue with audio crashing when creating effects.
    • F2FS support on /data
      • ext4 is still supported also.
    • Update to EMUI 5.X base.
      • NOTE: You should be on a 'stock' unmodified /vendor partition.
    • Switch main project to Resurrection Remix
      • I like this ROM better than LOS.
    • Fix serious bug in detection and setting of RIL properties based on modem id.
    • Parse and set 'product' props.
    • Initial Release

Installation Instructions ( Required Reading )

  • Meticulus Development's Instructions: I am on EMUI
    • >These instructions are for CM13 but should work equally well for AOSP Nougat
  • Johannes Dostal's Instructions for Honor 5c: here 
    • These instructions are for CM13 but should work equally well for AOSP Nougat
  • HC5DEVSPORTAL's Instructions for Honor 5c: here
NOTE: You should not mix versions here. If you are on EMUI 4.X you should only attempt to flash EMUI 4.X based ROMS or upgrade to EMUI 5.X before flashing EMUI 5.X based ROMs. Likewise, if you are on EMUI 5.X you should only attempt to flash EMUI 5.X based ROMs

  • Will this ROM work on my device?
    • Afaik, This ROM runs on ALL Huawei/Honor HI6250 devices but check the "supported models" list above to be sure.
  • Will you work on the device that I have?
    • I only work on devices that I have in my possession or devices that are so similar to devices that I have in possession, that it would almost be crime not to support them. 
  • Can you fix this issue for the Honor 5c, Honor 6x or Huawei P8 Lite 2017?
    • I only own a Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L21 and A Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX3. So I am able to test and personally acquire information on only these devices. For other devices, I am dependent on you/others for information. If I can get the right information, maybe it can be fixed. No info, no fix.
    • Which TWRP do I need to flash this ROM?
      • We recommend and support only our TWRP. We have done extra work to our version of TWRP to make the installation processes easier. However there is nothing we do to specifically stop any other version of TWRP from working.
    • I decided not to follow the instructions carefully and now something is not working right?

    Known Issues ( as of latest build )
    • Partially Working
      • Dual Sim
        • Unlike my EMUI 4.X based ROMs, Dual sim seems to work for me but may not work for everyone.
    • Workarounds
      • WARSAW/ P10L ONLY
        • Video capture on stock camera app (rear camera) not working.
        • Works with "OpenCamera" using a frame rate of 25 OR Using "API 2".
      • Video capture in "Snapchat" does not function properly. Works with 'Google H.264' switch in 'Extras' but is a little laggy. Probably similar for other social media apps.
      • NFC 'Tap&Pay'
        • According to @Shayaan Shaikh, This works with 'Magisk' and 'Universal SafetyNet Fix' for Magisk.
      • Gallery app is old an not updated by Google.
        • Works if you go to Settings->apps->Gallery and enable permissions "Camera" and "External Storage".
      • Chrome Cast
        • Acording to @Enzo Ambrosino, this works with the "Google H.264" switch in Extras
      • Not Working
          • SELinux (Enforcing mode)
            • Lots of work to get this to enforcing...
          • "Encrypt Phone" in Settings -> Security causes a boot loop ( DO NOT USE! )
          • Mute microphone during a call.
            • Will Not Be Worked On
              • FM Radio


            Meticulus Development is always in compliance with the GPL even if most do not understand how the GPL works.






            • Resurrection Remix Nougat

              • EMUI 5.X based

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