Carbon ROM for Galaxy Player 5

NOTE: Starting with build 20140516, the kernel has been unified and separate int kernel is not needed.

Developer's Notes

  • 20160701-0819 Update 2
    • New Sensors Lib
      • Accelerometer
      • Orientation
      • Magnetometer
    • CodinalteParts
      • Audio to Earpiece

  • 20160701-0819 Update 1
    • Fixed issues with video recording.
    • Possible fixed other video related  issues
    • Camera can now snap photo's @3MP



Installation Instructions

During the development of KitKat for the Galaxy Player 5 we noticed that we didn't have enough space on the "system" partition. So we implemented LVM ( Logical Volume Management) so that we could "logically" increase the size of that partition. This helps us maintain compatibility with older ROMs but changes the installation procedure a little bit.

See here for technical details about the change.

DisclaimerI am not responsible for anything that might happen as a result of you flashing anything on your device. There is always a certain amount of risk involved. Your warranty is now void.

That being said, I would not provide information on a procedure that I have not already tried.

If you are coming from the Stock Gingerbread ROM then start here then come back and continue.

If your coming from a ROM before KitKat ( before LVM) but not stock.
  1. If you haven't already, download one of the Carbon KK builds above.
  2. Next you will need GApps Go here and download the Mini Modular 4.4 package.
  3. Place the files you downloaded on your one of your Galaxy Player's sdcards.
  4. Reboot to recovery. There are a few ways to do this:
    1. If you current ROM has "Reboot Recovery" in the global menu.
    2. If you are familiar with ADB you can issue the command: adb reboot recovery
    3. This method should always work. 
      1. Power the device off.
      2. Hold the volume up button.
      3. While holding the volume up button, press and hold the power button until you see the "Samsung" logo then release the power button while continuing to hold the volume up button.
      4. Release the volume up button once you see that "recovery mode" is loading.
    4. NOTE: To navigate around in recovery mode, you used the volume keys to move the menu selection and the power key to select something.
  5. Do a Back-Up!
    1. Select "backup and restore".
    2. Now you will want to choose a location to save the backup. "sdcard0" is the internal sdcard while "external_sd" and "sdcard1" are both the external sdcard.
    3. Select "backup to /storage/sdcard0" for internal sd or "backup to /storage/sdcard1" for external sd  
    4. NOTE: The location that you pick needs to have enough space on it to store the back up!
  6. Do a "wipe data/factory reset" then wipe system (mounts and storage -> format /system). 
    1. NOTE: It's easy to start thinking that wiping /system isn't necessary but until you familiar with how to tell it's not necessary. Always wipe /system.
  7. Now, from the main menu in recovery select "install zip".
  8. Choose the appropriate option "choose zip from /storage/sdcard0" or  "choose zip from /storage/sdcard1"based on where you saved the files to.
  9. Navigate to the folder where you saved "" and select it.
    1. NOTE: The first attempt to flash, you may receive an assert error! This is NORMAL  for builds before a certain date.This error is to notify you that your /system and data partition will be wiped. It is this way because it's not standard practice and if your familiar with flashing from some other device, you may not expect that those partitions are going to be wiped.
  10. If you recieved an assert error, select the ROM file again. The installation should proceed.
  11. Choose the appropriate option "choose zip from /storage/sdcard0" or  "choose zip from /storage/sdcard1"based on where you saved the files to again!
  12. This time select the "mini modular GApps" package that you downloaded.
  13. After Gapps is installed, go back to the main menu and reboot system.
  14. First boot will take awhile, BE PATIENT!

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