Beanstalk 6 for hi6250 variants: Huawei P9 Lite | Honor 5c | Honor 7 Lite | Huawei GT3 | Huawei GR5 mini

Supported Models

  • Tested Working
    • VNS-L21
    • VNS-L22
    • VNS-L23
    • VNS-L31
    • NEM-L21
    • NEM-L22
    • NEM-L51
    • NMO-L21
    • NMO-L31
  • Should Work but not yet confirmed.
    • NEM-UL10
    • NMO-L22
    • NMO-L23
  • Not Working
    • NEM-AL60 ( not supported.)
    • NEM-AL10 ( not supported.)
  • Other models may work but we just don't know. So if you try this ROM and your model is not yet confirmed or not listed and the ROM works/partially works let us know at the XDA Q and A thread below. Perhaps we can work together to fix the problem and get your model on the "tested working" side of things... Thanks Meticulus...

Developer's Notes

Installation Instructions

  • Meticulus Development's Instructions: I am on EMUI 4.1
  • Johannes Dostal's Instructions for Honor 5c: here


  • What if I need help?
    • XDA Q&A Thread: here ( n00b friendly )

  • Where is the source code?
    • Build Instructions: here
  • Will this ROM work for devices other than Huawei P9 Lite, Honor 5c, Honor 7 lite?
    • No
  • Will you work on the device that I have?
    • I only work on devices that I have in my possession. If you or the community would like to donate one then I will consider it. Otherwise no.
  • Can you fix this issue for the Honor 5c?
    • The only reason that the Honor 5c is supported is because someone with that device tried this ROM and they reported that it worked with a few minor problems and I already had an idea of how to fix those minor issues. I don't have an Honor 5c, so I am dependant on, those who have this device and are brave enough to try this ROM, for information. If I can get the right information then maybe I can fix it. If not...
  • Can I flash this ROM with the Official TWRP for the Honor 5c.
    • NO!
  • I am an idiot who decided not to follow the instructions carefully and now something is not working right?
    • HA HA HA HA! I don't care about your problem!

Known Issues

  • Some users say that when using "Live Display" the UI is a little laggy.
    • Our hwcomposer is primitive and still needs work. Perhaps in time.
  • Some users say that Cellular signal strength is lower than they expect.
    • This is most likely just a problem with how the signal strength is reported and not the actual signal strength.
  • Stock Camera has a delay of 5 seconds or so when capturing a selfie.
    • It's just the stock Camera. Google Camera and Open Camera do not have this issue.
    • I have not looked at it really but I think it's trying to do auto focus and timing out.



These files are the culmination of countless hours of painstaking work. Please respect that and do not link directly to my files or create mirrors. We encourage you to share these files but we ask that you link to this page, not to our files. 

-Thanks Meticulus

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