Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Site re-design - ish and the Honor v10 (BERKELEY)

So, I finally got this site into an organization that I'm satisfied with. God knows it took for ever. I mean, a blog is just not suited to organizing years of android device/ROM development work. A blog is intended for people to ... write about ... stuff; like a diary I guess. I don't need that. What I need is a way to present the work that I have done on different devices in a way that is pleasing, simple, and logical. Given the limitation of "Blogger", I believe that I have achieved that.

I also added a forum. The forum is not that sophisticated but it will be enough for what I want. It will act as a replacement for the "Google Plus" embedding I used to do at the bottom of pages. Some projects will live there I suppose and others will have dedicated pages outside of the forum. I haven't quite figured out which.

I must also say welcome to the Honor View 10 to the myriad of devices I'll be working on. I have already released a CoH branded TWRP 3.2.1 and Resurrection Remix Oreo for it. You can get those here:

I must say I quite disappointed in the "Honor Open Source Program". To a developer, a program with this name, coming from a phone manufacturer, implies that this will be a program in which Honor will release the source code of the phone to developers in the program. However, that seems not to be the case. Now, I am forced to conclude that the a-fore mentioned program is just a means to give away free phones and hope that developers will be so grateful for a free phone, that they will help generate a loud noise that will boost the sales of the Honor View 10. This is not a bad thing. A free phone is nice but if I had known we wouldn't see anymore source that is normally given from Huawei/Honor, I would not have signed up.

With the increasing pressure for Android to become more and more secure, prompting manufacturers to create/use more and more complex security schemes, fixing issues with these devices on custom ROMs becomes increasingly more difficult. Without the source code, they are tying our hands behind our back.

I understand that the source code may be proprietary and their maybe legal issues to obtaining or releasing that source. However, in my opinion, you work that out before you start a program called "Honor Open Source Program" or you don't use that name. A name like "Honor Marketing Boost Program" might be more appropriate?

At any rate, I'll do the best I can for this device. Not for Honor/Huawei and certainly not for XDA but for the people who actually buy the device...

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