Friday, September 1, 2017

tomxplayer: re-written, improved, and re-released.

So, given the restraints of the Raspberry Pi, I decided to re-write 'tomxplayer' in C / GTK+. C# is a good language for me. I can mock-up, explore, experiment, refine and publish very quickly in that language/framework. However the Raspberry Pi has limited memory and I thought that the overhead of the Mono framework would not be advantageous. So, with a little time I was able to reproduce C# work, in pure C / GTK+.

tomxplayer demo on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS

tomxplayer demo on Raspbian Stretch ( 8-16-2017)

These versions run at @ 20-25 MB of memory vs the 80-120 MB in the C# version! I've also created a new home page for tomxplayer here:

and new releases of tomxplayer will posted here  (You can get the intial release now!):

Issues and pull requests can also be posted to the project:

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