Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LineageOS 14.1: Booting on Huawei P9 Lite...

As I stated in a previous post, I was having trouble getting through a build of LineageOS 14.1. I am usually quite good a getting around build issues but this one was giving me a lot of trouble. So, I said that I would wait awhile, watch the LineageOS repos and see if anyone else had the issue or it was mentioned again anywhere. In the mean time, I got a new laptop... Well, not exactly new but it is at least 4x times faster than my old laptop. It's nice, I can get through a build in a reasonable amount of time. I got it all setup, ran a build, BOOM same build error. It had also not been mentioned anywhere on the internet afaict. New laptop, fresh setup; same error!

As it turns out, the three files givin' for OpenJDK 8 on Google's "Establishing a Build Environment" page are out of date. I believe that most builders out there have updated to Ubuntu 16.04 or later, in which, this issue would not come into play. This post refers specifically to the build error and the solution for Ubuntu 14.04.

So, now with that build error corrected, I pressed on and got through a build. Of course, the build would not boot. It rebooted almost immediately to recovery, so I check the LAST_KMSG and found it was an issue with selinux/sepolicy. As it turns out disabling selinux is no longer a supported configuration in Android. It's permissive or enforcing. Once I figured out how to get selinux "disabled" it was on and booting. If, I am making it sound like it was easy, let me assure you it took considerable effort!

So, that's the "good" news. It boots.

Now, for that bad news. Nothing else works. RIL, Audio, Wifi, BT and almost all the other hardware is not working. Additionally there are a few other odd things that do not work like the brightness slider and reboot. Yeah, rebooting does not work... Its odd.

I don't see any reason to publish what I have now. Like I said, nothing works so there really is no reason to install it unless you've got some development skill and can "really" help with the bring up.

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