Thursday, November 24, 2016

NEW BUILD! Beanstalk 6 for the Huawei P9 Lite

So, here it is, Beanstalk 6 for the Huawei P9 lite. This ROM has all the extras that any ROM ever had and then some. I think your going to like it.

NOTE: Fingerprint enrollment does not seem to work BUT if you dirty flash this over CM13, your already enrolled fingerprints will work! 

Install like this:
  1. Install cm13 and enroll your fingerprints (if you have not already).
  2. Uninstall any themes and go back to stock theme ( if you already had cm13 installed ).
  3. Flash Beanstalk 6 (Don't wipe anything... just flash and reboot).
  4. Reinstall your themes
  5. Profit
Happy Thanksgiving!

Download: here

Please do not mirror or re-post my files! Link to this page!

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