Thursday, October 6, 2016

NEW UPDATE! CyanogenMod 13 for Huawei P9 Lite update 2

A few days ago when I first got the modem online I was thrilled. If you been keeping up with my blog then you know how difficult it's been. That feeling quickly wore off when I realize that the RIL was unstable. It seemed to be fine for a few minutes after boot but then the signal would become irratic and then making calls would be nearly impossible. Accessing data would also be a problem. I was reviewing the ril log when I noticed that the second modem was online and it was detecting signal strength? I don't have a second sim in there so why would it be doing anything at all. I started to think that I needed to find a why to turn off the second modem. I looked all over the place. Hisi's RIL class does have a method for setting the active modem but it's not implemented in our RIL class. So, I was considering implementing but then last night I decided to compare and contrast the different prop values per device, in the phone.prop from stock. That's when I found it.

This property completely stablized the RIL for me. Now, keep in mind that I only have one sim. For dual sim situations you may need to remove this from the build.prop or change it to something like . I suspect that it will, by default enable both modems by default by just removing the property...

Also some of the sensors have been fix thanks to surdu_petru@xda. I have not tested them all but the accellerometer/orientation sensor and the proximity sensor are working.

The installation instructions have changed please read them carefully!

Download on the download page.. ;)

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