Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preview BUILD: Carbon MM for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e

The bring up for Marshmallow has not been easy and it's far from complete. Carbon's MM offering seems a bit premature and that's what I have been doing the bring up on so, I've decided to switch to CM13 which I just repo sync'd. That means abandoning the work I've done so far so I thought I'd release a little preview build for you guys to check out. Make sure that you do a backup because you are not going to want to stick with this ROM. There are many issues both serious and minor but it does boot and there are no annoying ui issues.


  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Internal SD
  • Audio
NOT Working
  • RIL
  • External SD
  • GPS
  • Camera

Download here

Note: I have not yet tried any Gapps so, if you try some and they work, you might leave a link in comments for everyone.

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