Sunday, August 7, 2016

Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace2e Update 2

The version of dm-crypt in our 3.0.31 kernel is 1.10.1. This version was coded to only accept 5 arguments ( as seen here ). Apparently, in future version of dm-crypt more arguments were added. Vold sends more than 5 arguments causing dm-crypt to return errors. This is easily fixed by simply ignoring the extraneous arguments.

  • Encryption is fixed and completely automated.
    • I recommend using a pattern because TWRP 3.0.1-0 does have issues with pins and passwords.
    • The data partition is automatically resized. Very small resize only 16k.
    • Encryption happens in place so no data is lost, UNLESS you interrupt it.
  • Fixed the hang at "Finishing Boot".
    • SystemUI was getting killed prematurely. Had to do some experimental hacks. Let me know if you have trouble with Apps and the ANR procedure.
  • Fixed the odd behavior of "Network traffic VS" in Carbon Fibers.
    • Due to some sloppy merging there were overlapping vars with the same name!
  • USB clean up USB mass storage might work, but if it does it's only with the external sdcard. Charge only should also work.
  • Fixed Performance action bar back button crash. (AGAIN)
    • Due to a logistical error, the patch did not make it into the last update as it should have.

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