Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Carbon KK for Galaxy Player 5 Update 1

My last release of Carbon KitKat was less than stellar; my apologies to all. I've been working on codinalte but I decided to get back to venturi. For the million'th time I delved into the the camera subsystem. It's a labyrinth  with perils, pitfalls and long twisting dead ends. Our 3.0 kernel was build from the kernel of a similar device "crespo" which has a different rear cam (assumption entered). Our camera driver is from the 2.X Kernel that originally came on this device,I think our fimc drivers are from the 3.0 Kernel and our userspace camera lib is from the Galaxy Tab... ugh.

However, I did manage to get the rear camera to capture images at higher resolutions.

  • Update 1
    • Fixed issues with video recording.
    • Possible fixed other video related  issues
    • Camera can now snap photo's @3MP

Download next build in download section..

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