Thursday, July 28, 2016

NEW BUILD!: Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e

I put a lot of work into this one, trying to make this a stable daily driver.
    • SELinux/sepolicy enabled and a much more proper implementation (IMHO):
      • No longer using patch.
    • CMStats - Removed! I don't like opt-out stats collection even if the data is anonymous!!!
      • Dear CM don't collect info from my device without asking first!
    • About Carbon - Removed!
      • Very buggy on an unoffical device. I did not want to remove it; I just did not want to waste my time trying to fix it.
    • Various Device tree cleanups:
      • Removed old lpm.rc.
      • Removed old custom graphics.
    • Offline Charger:
      • Remove workaround that was using KitKat binaries and brought up to Lollipop.
      • Options in "Extras" now working properly.
    • Carbon Fibers:
      • Fixed SlimActions tile crash (NPE).
      • Fixed a crash when adding a specific shortcut to the lockscreen (class not found).
    • vold:
      • Supported Disk Formats:
        • vfat
        • ntfs
        • ext4
        • f2fs
        • exfat
      • Allow automatic mounting of OTG ext4 formatted drives without security context.
      • Move to sd fix included. No need to flash patch.
    • Developer options:
      • Shown by default.
      • Advanced reboot automatically enabled.
    • CodinalteParts:
      • Sponsors Updated!!! Thank you all!
      • OTG disabled by default and move to "Extras"
        • Can only be enabled once per boot but you can plug multiple times...
        • Sometimes the battery will show charging while OTG is enabled.
        • WARNING!: There may be an issue where the device gets stuck at 1000Mhz all the time after using OTG which will cause battery drain and and the battery temp to go up. A Reboot will return the device to normal. Hope to have this fixed by next release.
      • Randomize WLAN MAC
        • This will set a random MAC address for your wifi card giving you some anonimity.
        • Automatically enables wifi.
        • Sometimes it will work quickly, other times it will take a minute.
        • Reboot to regain your original MAC.
Download here

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