Friday, July 15, 2016

Codinalte "Move to SD" fixed!

Moving apps to the sdcard has not working on codinalte since KitKat and it's not for the lack of trying. I looked at this problem several times before and could not quite understand why it wasn't working. When trying to move an app to the SD card LP would simple report that there is not enough space. Obviously that is was not correct. It was just a "stock" error reply for anything that went wrong during the move process.

Further investigation revealed that when the external SD card (/storage/sdcard1) is mounted, vold looks to see if it is flagged as "providesAsec" and if so mounts the /storage/sdcard1/.android_secure which points the way to the apps on the sdcard. In the case of codinalte, /storage/sdcard1 is not flagged as "providesAsec" so the secure area where apps are stored is never mounted and /mnt/secure/asec is just an empty dir attached to the root "/" mount with no actual space and it's read only. That's why when moving "apps to sd" it reports "not enough space". I've got this corrected and I didn't want to build and entire release for this fix so I made a little patch that can be flashed via recovery. This fix will be included in future builds. This patch is for "CARBON-5.1.1-METICULUS-20160712-0645-codinalte" only.

Patch is on the download page next to the build.

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