Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace2e Update

  • Fix issue with GPS blob.
    • Installation with out GApps will work.
  • Fixed Performance action bar back button crash.
  • Fixed issue where Carrier mcc/mcn would display instead of carrier name.
  • Cleaned up status bar battery percentage customization. Default is now default and percentage will not automatically display next to icon if charging.
  • Extra's no longer needs root access.
Download next to the build on the download page. 

Note about phone encryption:
Although I have not actually tried it and have never used "phone encryption", I believe that it is not an issue with the ROM but rather, an issue with the size of the file system. When I attempted to encrypt my phone, of course it fails, but the logs say that the "Original file system overlaps the encryption area" ( or something close to that ). Then I remembered reading that encryption requires 16k at the end of the physical partition to use as the encryption footer. So I got to searching around and I believe that this procedure ,although it is for a different device and some of the "specifics" would need to change, would allow "phone encryption" to work. If you really want this feature then try it at your own risk. Our data partition is located at a different path and the disk sizes would be different but I believe the procedure would be correct.

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