Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace2e Update

  • Fix issue with GPS blob.
    • Installation with out GApps will work.
  • Fixed Performance action bar back button crash.
  • Fixed issue where Carrier mcc/mcn would display instead of carrier name.
  • Cleaned up status bar battery percentage customization. Default is now default and percentage will not automatically display next to icon if charging.
  • Extra's no longer needs root access.
Download next to the build on the download page. 

Note about phone encryption:
Although I have not actually tried it and have never used "phone encryption", I believe that it is not an issue with the ROM but rather, an issue with the size of the file system. When I attempted to encrypt my phone, of course it fails, but the logs say that the "Original file system overlaps the encryption area" ( or something close to that ). Then I remembered reading that encryption requires 16k at the end of the physical partition to use as the encryption footer. So I got to searching around and I believe that this procedure ,although it is for a different device and some of the "specifics" would need to change, would allow "phone encryption" to work. If you really want this feature then try it at your own risk. Our data partition is located at a different path and the disk sizes would be different but I believe the procedure would be correct.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

NEW BUILD!: Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e

I put a lot of work into this one, trying to make this a stable daily driver.
    • SELinux/sepolicy enabled and a much more proper implementation (IMHO):
      • No longer using patch.
    • CMStats - Removed! I don't like opt-out stats collection even if the data is anonymous!!!
      • Dear CM don't collect info from my device without asking first!
    • About Carbon - Removed!
      • Very buggy on an unoffical device. I did not want to remove it; I just did not want to waste my time trying to fix it.
    • Various Device tree cleanups:
      • Removed old lpm.rc.
      • Removed old custom graphics.
    • Offline Charger:
      • Remove workaround that was using KitKat binaries and brought up to Lollipop.
      • Options in "Extras" now working properly.
    • Carbon Fibers:
      • Fixed SlimActions tile crash (NPE).
      • Fixed a crash when adding a specific shortcut to the lockscreen (class not found).
    • vold:
      • Supported Disk Formats:
        • vfat
        • ntfs
        • ext4
        • f2fs
        • exfat
      • Allow automatic mounting of OTG ext4 formatted drives without security context.
      • Move to sd fix included. No need to flash patch.
    • Developer options:
      • Shown by default.
      • Advanced reboot automatically enabled.
    • CodinalteParts:
      • Sponsors Updated!!! Thank you all!
      • OTG disabled by default and move to "Extras"
        • Can only be enabled once per boot but you can plug multiple times...
        • Sometimes the battery will show charging while OTG is enabled.
        • WARNING!: There may be an issue where the device gets stuck at 1000Mhz all the time after using OTG which will cause battery drain and and the battery temp to go up. A Reboot will return the device to normal. Hope to have this fixed by next release.
      • Randomize WLAN MAC
        • This will set a random MAC address for your wifi card giving you some anonimity.
        • Automatically enables wifi.
        • Sometimes it will work quickly, other times it will take a minute.
        • Reboot to regain your original MAC.
Download here

Thursday, July 21, 2016

TWRP 3.0.1-0 for the Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e

It took awhile but I due to some nudging by a user on androidforums, I decided to work out the issues with / and bring up recovery for codinalte. Ever since ClockworkMod was discontinued and critical GGL Pixel format for codinalte (RGB_565) was not supported in most recoveries since Lollipop was introduced, I've been reluctant to tackle these problems. I must have missed it before but it IS supported in TWRP. The new default pixel format reported by fb0 works but it looks horrible. Perhaps I have something misconfigured in that format but by forcing RGB_565 it works perfect.

I have not had time to test this extensively. Everything seems to be configured properly. The right partitions are listed and mountable. No extraneous warning or errors reported but this needs to be tested and I probably won't have time for a while. So, if any one would like to try it out and report any problems. It would be appreciated.

Download on the download page as always.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Upcomming Feature: Randomize WLAN MAC

The internet is not the same place it was 10 years ago. It seems that network administrators are vigilantly working to ensure that you use the internet the way that they want you to; blocking ports and analyzing HTTP traffic to curb your activity. They are making the internet secure for all but "security" is not worth sacrificing freedom.

When the internet was young, it was so free. Information was exchanged freely and there were no restrictions. Everyone was more concerned with making things work that with controlling how people used it. These days if a network admin doesn't like what you are doing they just block you... by your MAC address. Effing fascists...

This feature, which will be included in my next build for codinalte, and possibly venturi, will help you take a little freedom back. As you can see in the video, when selected, it will disable WIFI, set a ramdom MAC and re-enable WIFI.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Codinalte "Move to SD" fixed!

Moving apps to the sdcard has not working on codinalte since KitKat and it's not for the lack of trying. I looked at this problem several times before and could not quite understand why it wasn't working. When trying to move an app to the SD card LP would simple report that there is not enough space. Obviously that is was not correct. It was just a "stock" error reply for anything that went wrong during the move process.

Further investigation revealed that when the external SD card (/storage/sdcard1) is mounted, vold looks to see if it is flagged as "providesAsec" and if so mounts the /storage/sdcard1/.android_secure which points the way to the apps on the sdcard. In the case of codinalte, /storage/sdcard1 is not flagged as "providesAsec" so the secure area where apps are stored is never mounted and /mnt/secure/asec is just an empty dir attached to the root "/" mount with no actual space and it's read only. That's why when moving "apps to sd" it reports "not enough space". I've got this corrected and I didn't want to build and entire release for this fix so I made a little patch that can be flashed via recovery. This fix will be included in future builds. This patch is for "CARBON-5.1.1-METICULUS-20160712-0645-codinalte" only.

Patch is on the download page next to the build.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NEW BUILD! Carbon LP 5.1.1 for Codinalte

I've been working on this build for the past few days. I took awhile and was very frustrating trying to get the patch set just right. I borked my build environment a couple of times, that set me back, and I have been trying to stabilize USB host mode/otg. You plug in the cable and it works! Then you unplug it and plug it back in and.... nothing. I suspect the kernel code for host mode/otg/musb is "incomplete". Perhaps I can backport newer code. However, I wanted to get a release out so I'm releasing it in this state and I hope to get it working properly soon. This is the final Carbon LP 5.1.1 Source with CodinalteParts integated and even though Carbon did not integrate PerformanceControl in LP, I managed to get it in there. I see why they didn't do it, sepolicy makes it difficult and I had to patch it up in order to get it working.

This is a preliminary build. I haven't had a chance to test everything, so pass me a note on anything that is not working properly. I suspect that device encryption will not work. I think that it depends on recovery to do that actual encryption and our recoveries are quite old and may not support it. Screen recorder probably still does not work. Video recording is fixed thanks to ChronoMonochome@XDA.

My apologies to sponsors, I have not had a chance to update the list yet.

Download here

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Development for Galaxy Exhibit (codinalte)

I really don't mean to keep bringing this up but, after my laptop was stolen I could not maintain my website ( and it fell by the wayside. Since I could not build ROMs anymore I saw no reason to keep my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit(Codinalte) so I sold it at a yard sale for $20 bucks. It was battered and beaten, with nicks and scratches all over it; plus, due to a mishap trying to help a friend recover his phone, the EMEI number was corrupted and I could not test phone related functions on the device. So it was gone and with it, development for codinalte... but wait... Yesterday I was strolling through Wal-Mart and low and behold, a Univision SGH-T599 for 20 bucks!

Needless to say I picked it right up and as time permits I will be working on this device. So, for all you codinalte users out there:


Friday, July 1, 2016

Carbon KitKat for the Galaxy Player 5 (revisted)

Hello all, I know it's been awhile and this site has been broken for a long time. After the calamity that killed my other site "", I was not sure if I would get back to Android development but, here I am. I decided to revisit the YP-G70/Galaxy Player 5 and the ROM that I have been running for nearly a year. My custom Carbon KitKat. I've had a year to notice some issues that crop up over long term regular use. Namely, issues with video that cause crash/reboots, and instability when overclocking. So, I restore the stock MFC buffer sizes in the kernel, removed patches related to MFC, increased voltage to 1600mhz and updated to the final source for Carbon KitKat. The result is:

  1. Increased stability with video related operations.
  2. Increased stability when overclocking.
    1. Stable for me at 1600mhz ( Tried serveral times to stablize 1700mhz but could not). Your mileage may vary.
    2. I tested stability by playing "Asphalt Nitro" for several races. Loading and playing this game pegged the cpu at 1600mhz for long periods of time. There were no artifacts or crashes of any kind.

I plan to work specifically on this ROM for awhile so if anyone is having issues with this ROM I will attempt to address them now. Now is the time to speak up and let me know about any problems!

Download here