Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEW BUILD!: Carbon for Galaxy Player 5

  1. Optimized memory in hardware OMX libs for Nutella MFC sizes.
    1. This should workout any video related issues.
  2. Increased NR buffers in the kernel
    1. Seems to have stabilized OC but lost 3-4 megs of system memory.
  3. Nutella Kernel Logo and localversion
  4. Y-Cable OTG (Not tested)
    1. Don't have Y-Cable but it merged pretty clean. If someone tries it please let me know
  5. Installation Compatibility Changes
    1. Carbon can now be flashed directly from any ROM with a custom recovery. (Even stock as long as you have a custom kernel with ClockworkMod)

NOTE: The installation procedure is way easier now but I have not updated the installation instructions yet. I don't think anyone will have any trouble.

Download in the download section as always.

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