Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NEW BUILD!: Carbon for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e

  1. Carbon Upstream updates
  2. Add Sponsor section ( Thank you to all who have donated!)
  3. Offline Charger updates
    1. Sweep2Wake and DoubleTap2Wake
    2. Show date and time in charging mode.
    3. Allow don't suspend in charger.
Download in the download section as always.

About Instagram and Twitch video:

I looked at this problem for a long time. It's a very difficult problem to track but basically, our proprietary STE vendor blobs do not properly support certain OMX extensions such as "" which was actually implemented in android a long time ago. Now, we do have "leaked" source code but the code is not specifically for our device and is a nightmarish mess. So trying to using that source causes all sorts of build errors. It's only value, is to help give us an idea about what's going on in the proprietary blobs. I suspect that that this is going to be one of those problems that never gets fixed...

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