Monday, October 27, 2014

Introducing Build Server Beta

Hey guys, I decided that I needed to off load builds from my local computer so I got us a build server. It's currently in beta, I'm working to insure that it can reliably build by itself every day. While it is in beta you can expect so volatility.

  • I may need to reboot the server without warning and this may cut you off when downloading. Make sure to use a download manager that supports resume if you have a slow connection!
  • Changelogs may not be correct!
  • Server may be offline during the night. ( I'll always get it back on asap)
  • DAILYS ARE NOT TESTED! So do a backup before flashing one.

You can monitor the build server here:

Daily's are pushed to the Downloads page for each particular device.

Build Cycle starts at midnight CDT and are build in this order:

  1. venturi (Galaxy Player 5)
  2. codinalte ( Exhibit / Ace2e )
  3. m470 (Sero 7 Pro)
Please do not report issues about the build server at this time. Still working on it.

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