Sunday, September 28, 2014

3.0.101 Kernel for Galaxy Exhibit / Ace 2e (Testers wanted)

I patched up our 3.0.31 kernel to 3.0.101 and am testing it now. Everything seems to work OK but I did have a few hiccups the on the first couple boots. There was some "crash and soft reboot" on the first couple of boots but it seems to have resolved itself.

It seems to run fine but, everyone uses their device differently so I'm hoping some testers will try this out and let me know if anything is amiss.

I created the changes is a separate branch for testing here:

If you'd like to test:
  1. Download:
  2. Replace you current kernel modules with the ones in the zip. (/system/lib/modules)
  3. Reboot to download mode
  4. Flash the kernel (.md5 file )with Odin. 
  5. If there seems to be some soft reboots, reboot the device a few times and see if it clears it self up.
  6. Let me know how it is...

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