Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to Build Beanstalk 4.4+ ROM for the Galaxy Player 5

How To Build

Step 1: Setting up the Build Environment.

You'll need Linux to be able to build Beanstalk. You have three choices here; you can:
  1. Install Linux natively on your computer.
  2. Dual boot Linux and Windows.
  3. Use virtual machine software ( virtual box, vmware ) to run linux.
NOTE: I recommend you use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to build. That's what I use.
NOTE: When I say "read", I mean read and comprehend.
NOTE: Read through the topics here as well:

Step 2: Downloading the Source.

NOTE: Some say that it is better to download the ROM source and put in your local manifest later. I don't know if that's best but that's what we are going to do.
BEFORE YOU BEGIN: You are about to start downloading 5 - 15 Gigs of data. That could take a very long time, so plan accordingly. I like to start juts before I go to sleep and let it go overnight! If you have to work, perhaps start it before work and let it go through out the day.
Execute the following commands in a linux terminal:
mkdir /home/$USER/BS
cd /home/$USER/BS
repo init -u git:// -b kk44
repo sync
WARNING: There may be times, towards the end when it seem like, the download is stuck and not making any progress because there are no updates on the screen. BE PATIENT!, open a program that will show how much bandwidth you are using to be sure!
NOTE: Steps 3 and 4 are from Scott's repo here:

Step 3: Set up local manifest.

The local manifest is different for every device. It contains those repos that are device specific, where as the ROM code you just "repo sync'd" is code that is general to any device.
Execute the following commands in a linux terminal:
gedit /home/$USER/BS/.repo/local_manifests/venturi.xml
Now copy the following into venturi.xml, save and close.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="Meticulus/beanstalk_device_samsung_venturi" path="device/samsung/venturi" remote="github" revision="kk44"/>
  <project name="Meticulus/nutella_samsung_venturi" path="kernel/samsung/venturi" remote="github" revision="master"/>
  <project name="Meticulus/android_hardware_samsung" path="hardware/samsung" remote="github" revision="cm-11.0"/>
  <project name="Meticulus/android_vendor_samsung_venturi" path="vendor/samsung/venturi" remote="github" revision="cm-11.0"/>
Execute the following commands in a linux terminal:
cd /home/$USER/BS
repo sync
NOTE: Yes we are syncing again and No, it shouldn't take quite as long. Every time you repo sync just new data is downloaded. So we are downloading the 4 repo's we just put in and any updates that may have occured to the repo's we already have.

Step 4: Building

NOTE: Now you have everything that you need to build Beastalk for your Galaxy Player 5. Build times depend on you PC performance specifications. In the following terminal command "-j8" represents the number of concurrent tasks to execute. For low specs machines (such as mine) lowering the value to "-j3" may help speed things up. For high spec'd machines raising the value may speed things up.
NOTE: It may take anywhere from 5 hours to 15 hours depending on system specs for a complete build. Execute the following commands in a linux terminal:
cd /home/$USER/BS
. build/
lunch cm_venturi-userdebug
make -j8 otapackage
WARNING: There may be times, towards the end when it seem like, the build is stuck because of a lack of updates on the screen. BE PATIENT! is a beast and is usually the last file to be build. It takes awhile to complete. I ususally have 15 to 20 minutes of "no screen activity" before it finally finishes building that lib and then continues...

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