Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beanstalk ROM New Repo's for DEVS

After battling through nightmarish build errors that through me for a loop more that once, I have Beanstalk ROM building and updated with the latest CM 4.4.3 code. If your not a developer but there is a developer for your device that builds Beanstalk ROM you might want to pass this along to them.

Notes for Developers:

I've built Beanstalk for on device and it was an extremely dirty build so, be prepared for issues to arise. I'm running a clean build today to shake out any left over problems. I initially had some device specific trouble with some sysfs paths from liblights but I don't think this was a Beanstalk problem, just a general problem with 4.4.3. In order to fix it I had to set user permissions on the backlight and button backlight brightness paths. Just a heads up. Also, there have been changes in 4.4.3 to use libexif instead of/ or in addition to libjhead. I had a few issues with that as well and in order to fix the build, I had to manually build libjhead. Hopefully, I'll be able to spot a place to fix that soon. That is, if it's not already fixed by doing a clean build.

Want to join the Beanstalk Team?

If you'd like to help me maintain these repo's get a hold of me on Google+ or send me a pm on XDA. Please include info on your work so I know you have the requisite skills.

Got a fix?

Please submit pull requests for anything that you have fixed and I also willing to merge in device specific code as long as it's properly isolated and won't break the build for other devices. Let me know if I need to fork a repo that isn't already forked.

Updating your repos:

Rather than re-syncing all of the repos, I was able, while I was working, to update my code base from what I already had ( Scott's repos ). All I had to do was reinitialize the repos in my working directory by following the normal instructions but now with an updated url.

New Repo's

Initialization Repo


Leave a comment down below and I'll check it out...

Stay tuned to this blog for updates and developments on Beanstalk ROM

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