Thursday, February 7, 2019

Where did all the comments go?

Yeah, most of us know that google plus is going away but what you don't know, and probably don't care about is that blogger uses google plus for comments on it blog entries. So now that google plus is going away so are all the comments on the pages and blog entries on this site. You'd think they'd be able to move them to the old system or new system depending on how you think of it. I betting their is some privacy issue with that so they are just gone.

Oh Well.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Android 9 Pie based on EMUI5

I never really planned on trying this, I mean, after all I never really fully got Oreo to work on the Huawei P9 Lite. I shouldn't really get your hopes up either because there are a ton of problems with it but, I did manage to boot LineageOS 16 on my P9 Lite VNS-L21.
It's really just a lot of hacking and slashing. Almost nothing works other than it boots. I think sensors are working and maybe fingerprint is working. It's kinda funny because usually the last thing I fix is the fingerprint subsystem favoring more critical things like the RIL. However, that's not the case this time. As of the time of this writing, the screen is laggy due to not having a working hwcomposer. The rild is missing some symbols. I managed to correct a few camera symbols which did make the camera app appear but when I launch the app, it says I need to put in an sdcard first. Of course, there is already an sdcard in there no to mention the internal space, so yeah, sdcardfs is effed. Bluetooth definately doesn't work. Nfc and wifi are also busted.

To be honest, I'm not working to hard on this. It's sort of a lazy casual project and I'm not inclined to release it at all. I think I'll just play around with it and tease people with screenshots and photos.

Conclusion, yeah it's possible and here is da proof. ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Huawei Ending Bootloader Unlocking.

Yeah, it seems like this is a thing.

I think that most young folks will not understand why Huawei/Honor is doing this and I can't say for sure either but, I have a few thoughts about this that I thought I'd share. First companies don't do things like this for personal reasons. Companies, make decisions based on the numbers ($) and what they view as "the best interests of the company". So, my first thought is that, the increase in the amount of money being spent in support for n00bs bricking their phones flashing ROMs and possibly, the money spent in maintaining the process of allowing bootloader unlocking is growing to high. This would include, but is not limited to, all things involved in "shipping your phone to a service center". From paying "technicians", shipping, logistics of maintaining services centers and complying with local laws all across the world which I am sure vary wildly. I am betting they "worked the numbers" and found that the bulk of support costs were the result of ROM flashing. Cost/Benefit Ratio...

Some of you might not be aware of this but Huawei/Honor has trouble in USA markets because of tensions between the U.S Government and China. Earlier this year AT&T dropped a huge deal with Huawei under pressure from the U.S. Government. You can read about that here. I do not know what effect this tension has done to Huawei/Honor's business. Perhaps this plays a role in their decision? Just a thought.

Huawei/Honor seems like it can't make up it's mind. It starts and "Honor Open Source Program" which would seem to suggest a commitment to Open Source and then in direct contradiction chooses to end a service that would be required for this program to spread to other devices, guaranteeing that the program does not grow beyond this one device. It's like the old saying about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

I am sure that Huawei is doing what it thinks is best for itself. Nothing wrong with that but as a consequence, I think the development community will surely dry up which means I should find something else to do ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why Android Studio is a Nightmare.

I had a dream not that long ago. In my dream, I re-vamped the app that I include with all the ROMs that I build and that I'd use my CoH C framework to provide some interesting features and functions. Being inspired by that dream I formulated a plan. I'd download "Android Studio" and create an App and it would be GLORIOUS! I'd have to work on it when I was not online but that would not be a problem would it? Nah... On to the download of Android Studio!

This is when the dark clouds started to gather on the horizon. Android Studio, for Linux, comes in a big zip that you just extract and run from anywhere. I know it's just a small thing but can't we get some OS integration here. I mean, when you download Chrome for Ubuntu, it installs itself in an appropriate location and puts a launcher in the menu. With Android Studio, I got to extract the zip then "cd" to the location and "cd" to the bin dir and launch a shell script from the terminal. OK, I could create my own launcher and all but still. It's a small bummer and darkens my day but these dark clouds won't stick around will they? Na, surely the sun will shine!

Soooo, I've got Android Studio and I can start on this when in my "offline" time right? Well, when that time rolls around I setup my laptop and fire up Android Studio but low and behold, I can't do anything. There is some error about the sdk. You need the "sdk" of course. Can't do anything without the sdk! And oh, great, there are like 27 of them to choose from and Gigs upon gigs of sdk to download. YAY! Hope you caught the thick sarcasm. Suffice it to say, the time that I had set aside to begin this project was entirely wasted.

Example message similar to the one I was getting...

At my next opportunity, I remember that I must fire up Android Studio and allow it to get it's sdk. Of course half way through the HUGE download my connection dies and then reconnects. Android Studio hangs there like a deer staring at headlights. Now, of course, it's not Android Studio's fault that my connection dies but being able to resume a broken download is a common affair these days. Hell, "wget" can resume a broken download. You just kill and and resume with "wget -c $url". So I wasted a bunch of time restarting the same download over and over again until finally, I did just download it with "wget"( fortunately the SDK Manager lists the full url to the download) and looked up online how to set the sdk folder. OK. B.S. is done I'm all set up and I can work on this in my offline time right?

Is it getting darker around here? I'm getting cold. Is it just me? What was that? Did you hear that? So fired up the laptop, launched Android Studio and start a new project with "C++" support. Gradle sync failed!. UAGGGGGH! Yes if you want "C++" you need the NDK. Of course! The NDK! How the eff did I miss that! Now, I gotta wait till, I'm online AGAIN to download more Gigs of NDK. For effs sake, why can't Android Studio just come with everything it needs! I'll tell you why, cause if it did you'd be downloading like 10GB all at once!

Example message similar to what I got.

So now, its dark and cold everywhere and this crazy "Android Studio" clown is laughing at me and creepily saying "Download more addons! and oh and now that you've got the NDK downloaded, I'm ready to update to a new version. download... download... download..." AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Site re-design - ish and the Honor v10 (BERKELEY)

So, I finally got this site into an organization that I'm satisfied with. God knows it took for ever. I mean, a blog is just not suited to organizing years of android device/ROM development work. A blog is intended for people to ... write about ... stuff; like a diary I guess. I don't need that. What I need is a way to present the work that I have done on different devices in a way that is pleasing, simple, and logical. Given the limitation of "Blogger", I believe that I have achieved that.

I also added a forum. The forum is not that sophisticated but it will be enough for what I want. It will act as a replacement for the "Google Plus" embedding I used to do at the bottom of pages. Some projects will live there I suppose and others will have dedicated pages outside of the forum. I haven't quite figured out which.

I must also say welcome to the Honor View 10 to the myriad of devices I'll be working on. I have already released a CoH branded TWRP 3.2.1 and Resurrection Remix Oreo for it. You can get those here:

I must say I quite disappointed in the "Honor Open Source Program". To a developer, a program with this name, coming from a phone manufacturer, implies that this will be a program in which Honor will release the source code of the phone to developers in the program. However, that seems not to be the case. Now, I am forced to conclude that the a-fore mentioned program is just a means to give away free phones and hope that developers will be so grateful for a free phone, that they will help generate a loud noise that will boost the sales of the Honor View 10. This is not a bad thing. A free phone is nice but if I had known we wouldn't see anymore source that is normally given from Huawei/Honor, I would not have signed up.

With the increasing pressure for Android to become more and more secure, prompting manufacturers to create/use more and more complex security schemes, fixing issues with these devices on custom ROMs becomes increasingly more difficult. Without the source code, they are tying our hands behind our back.

I understand that the source code may be proprietary and their maybe legal issues to obtaining or releasing that source. However, in my opinion, you work that out before you start a program called "Honor Open Source Program" or you don't use that name. A name like "Honor Marketing Boost Program" might be more appropriate?

At any rate, I'll do the best I can for this device. Not for Honor/Huawei and certainly not for XDA but for the people who actually buy the device...